Pursue maximum transport efficiency with advanced information systems

To provide high-quality transport service

Operation management system “Suzuyo’s transportation system” ・ Integrated allocation and joint delivery realizes efficient transportation at a low cost.
We offer transport services to customers in a variety of ways by introducing strategic vehicles and improving quality and safety through crew training, reducing CO2 emissions through ferry transportation and bulk/mass trailer transportation, as well as ‘switch transport compliance’.

Chartered transportation available with abundant vehicles

We offer a comprehensive lineup of over 2,000 vehicles for chartered transportation from compact vehicles to 20-ton trailers.
We can prepare the most suitable ideal vehicle in accordance with the customer’s product, quantity, and packing style.
In addition to high-quality transportation backed with years of experience and education, we are the first in the industry to start a ‘switch transportation’ system using trailers, etc., to relay (switch) cargo between Kanto and Kansai.
For long distance transportation between Tokyo and Osaka, we contribute to cost reduction for customers and achieve compliance.

Eco-friendly ferry transport

Modal shift transportation, which uses cargo vessels (ferries, RO / RO vessels) for long-distance trunk transportation, also leads to reductions in CO2 emissions, and is an environmentally friendly transportation service.
In addition, (with cargo vessel use) as land transportation distance will be fairly short, compliance operations can be flexibly handled.
It also has the advantage of being less susceptible to road traffic conditions.
We receive such integrated land-and-sea transportation service in a single window. It is also possible to reduce costs by large-lot/bulk transportation with trailer load weights being about 1.5 times more than that of a heavy truck.

In the case of smaller quantities, Joint food delivery can be handled.

Developing a joint food distribution network covering the Kanto areas as well as Shizuoka and Chukyo areas. For the food industry, which is becoming increasingly diversified and reduced in size, we provide services that combine multiple companies with multiple delivery destinations and deliver them efficiently.
We will deliver your important food products safely and reliably through our experience as a food specialty co-distributor and real-time delivery status management using tablet devices.