Our philosophy

The source of management “TOMOIKI”

Aiming for the company to be always trusted in the spirit of “TOMOIKI”

The word “TOMOIKI” has been used by Suzuyo group throughout the times. The history of “TOMOIKI” dates back to what was known as the “TOMOIKI movement” innovated by Shiio Benkyo (1876-1971) in 1922. Through the basic idea of – “As one we care for the individual. This individual can achieve true independence. This state of oneself will lead to the creation a symbiosis with the incorporation and reliance on others”.

If we replace this with our group, “The company will stand on its own as a single company, and each employee will truly stand on its own as an individual member of society, and engage in social activities, we, our local communities, customers, and business. It is this spiritual foundation that connects our employees, employers our customers and community. ” In the future, we will aim to be a company that is trusted by society and by everyone in the spirit of “TOMOIKI”

1.『TOMOIKI』 with society

Through our main businesses, we contribute to the nation, society, and the community, and we are aware that each and every employee is a member of the local community, and actively participate in social contribution activities.

2. 『TOMOIKI』 with customers and business partners

In order to make customers happy, we will acquire expertise and judgment in each field, and provide high quality services such as proprietary know-how, systems and products.

3. 『TOMOIKI』 of employees and group companies

Through our group activities, each and every one of our employees will receive a good stimulus from the public and private sectors, work as a member of society and as an organization, and strive to grow and become independent.