Suzuyo Distribution Center
  Typical image of how your products are treated and processed at our logistics center.


Case example of Suzuyo Distribution Center(DC)

Suzuyo DC solutions to various types of industry

pdf1.Distribution center for fashion items

Digital Assort System (DAS) with highly efficient assorting ability. Operating as both distribution center (DC) and transfer center (TC), and enhanced performance for procurement to delivery, shorter lead time.


2. Distribution center for medical equipment

Owns the license of medical equipment manufacturing from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. (such as labeling, packaging and storage medical goods) Enhanced efficiency through outsourcing work, staffing of specialist to reduce management cost.


3. Distribution center for imported auto parts

Providing cargo status information of imports on the internet, and with data base leading to speedy custom clearance.  A radio frequency handy scanner that allows for sophisticated operation in handling incoming and outgoing goods, lead more efficient storage and reduce distribution cost.


4. Distribution center for gift & sweets

Warehouse with 3 different, fixed temperature zones.  Establing a BOM(Bill of Materials) system.  Speedy and reliable operations in making many kinds of assortments.


5. Distribution center for mail-order services

Efficient storage methods for hot-selling items and standard items based on ABC inventory analysis.  Providing value added services such as embroidery for clothing and tucking up hems.  Increased sales due to differentiation from other competitors with our fulfillment services.


DC operation rooted in sound management methods

Ongoing indicators such as KPIs are used, and improvement are made by putting PDCA cycles into practice.  Better productivity, Enhance quality and accuracy.


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