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Suzuyo provides complete 3PL solutions to clients who wish to outsource their inventory - control and distribution functions by using our advanced and thorough warehouse facility network (for details please refer to "Network-Domestic") along with a highly capable warehouse management system and using our own and / or subcontracted trucks.



Suzuyo arranges drayage and trucking of products from port of entry to warehouses.

Check & Count
Suzuyo performs damage checks and package / piece counts of products at its warehouses.

Suzuyo undertakes sorting products by type and lots etc. with due flexibility in accordance with the customers requirements.

In accordance to Customer requirements , Suzuyo issues bar-code labels and other necessary label and attachments to the product.

Products are placed strategically to the optimum location within the warehouse with the aid of the Suzuyo warehouse management system.

Inventry Control
Products are kept track of and protected while being held in warehouses as well as the Suzuyo warehouse management system providing customers with regular updates , information and reports.

Picking bins are constantly replenished in a reserved area and kept within strict safety levels in accordance with rules and instructions issued by The Suzuyo warehouse management system.

Suzuyo performs the picking and moving of products in a variety of strategically efficient ways in accordance with the customers shipping instructions.

Products are properly packed for shipment to protect against possible damage during delivery.

Suzuyo’s highly trained laborers check the quantity and description of products abided to with pinpoint accuracy by the customers shipping instructions before shipment.

Suzuyo ships , delivers , keeps track and protects products using Suzuyo owned and / or subcontracted trucks along with high - tech tracking systems.

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