To Japan (Port of entry in Japan)

  Import into Japan
  At origins
  Port of entry in Japan
  Suzuyo Logistics Center
  Export from Japan
  Port of loading in Japan
UPS takes care of international air and ocean carriage of products from the place of origin to Japan. Upon arrival in Japan , Suzuyo undertakes all necessary affairs including customs clearance , container haulage , warehouse unloading and / or delivery to customers.

Suzuyo provides import forwarding services like container drayage and customs clearance at Japanese international ports - i.e. Tokyo , Yokohama , Shimizu , Nagoya , Osaka , Kobe , Fukuoka etc.

Air Terminal-In
Suzuyo provides import forwarding services including customs clearance and local delivery at Japanese international airports i.e. Narita , Kansai , Nagoya etc.

Customs Clearance
Licensed customs brokers of Suzuyo undertake all necessary affairs and documentation in order to clear your products through customs as smoothly as possible.

Suzuyo undertakes drayage of ocean containers as well as warehouse unloading.

Products are kept in there original condition at Suzuyo warehouses , using an updated advanced management system , until delivery to the customer.

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