Import and export, customs clearance

Support complex import / export operations quickly and accurately

A safe service that contributes to shortening lead times

At major ports in Japan, staff with rich experience and expertise will support complex import / export operations quickly and accurately.
System management reduces the lead time from document preparation to customs clearance and shipping of exports and from arrival to customs clearance and delivery of imports.
In addition, we can provide you with progress information on the arrangement online so that you can regularly check the status of the cargo.

In addition, by consistently handling various operations such as packing, distribution processing, inspection, and other legal applications required in the process of import and export, it contributes to cost and man-hour reductions benefiting the customer.

Suzuyo, Suzuyo Customs Co., Ltd., and Suzuyo Tokyo Customs Co., Ltd. are certified as AEO (Authorized Economic Operator).
While responding to the needs of customers, as a business operator involved in international logistics, we aim to further improve security management and compliance systems.