Medical equipment total outsourcing

Total outsourcing service for manufacturing, sterilization and distribution of medical devices

Highly specialized staff providing high quality service

Suzuyo has accumulated various know-how experience through the implementation of medical device logistics operations so far. In 2006, the year following the revision of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, we were able to acquire manufacturing licenses much before other companies were able to do so. In addition to delivery services, all incidental services such as storage, consignment, acceptance inspection, product inspection, legal display label sticking, package insert, packaging, etc. corresponding to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act can be substituted. In addition, our specialist staff, who are familiar with the medical equipment logistics operations, will confidently propose highly accurate logistics services that are tailored to our customers.

Suzuyo’s Medical Equipment Total Outsourcing Service also handles product inspection, assembly, packaging and cleaning services in clean rooms, arrangements of materials corresponding to various sterilization methods, and coordination of sterilization companies according to product characteristics.