Transportation of machinery and equipment

Outsourcing transportation of machinery and equipment projects at one time, making it one-stop efficient

Are you having trouble?

・ I do not know what to do to advance the equipment transportation project
・ I do not have time to proceed with the equipment shipment work
・ I can not progress the on-site equipment installation work as planned

Suzuyo’s solution

Suzuyo’s facility engineering services operate not only in Japan, but also facility transportation projects operate overseas, in addition to conventional field engineering often handled by logistics companies, we also promote consultancy engineering services for front-and-back processes.
In addition to the traditional dismantling, packaging, transportation, installation, and installation menus, Suzuyo creates our approximate size list based on the line layout diagram on behalf of our customers, and creates a summary of equipment manufacturers.
We will reduce the number of man-hours for the person in charge by acting on behalf of various operations. By adding engineering services to safe and secure transportation with a wealth of logistics know-how, we have three pillars of man-hour reduction, efficiency improvement, and cost reduction, and we can offer a one-stop contract for customers’ equipment transportation projects.

Overseas expansion