Southeast Asia

This page introduces overseas development in Southeast Asia.


Suzuyo (Thailand) Ltd.
Suzuyo Distribution Center (Thailand) Ltd.


Location: Bangkok (Head office)
Established: Suzuyo Thailand 1992 / Suzuyo DC Thailand 2005

[Forwarding department]
  • Has 20 years of experience in import and export customs clearance services and holds AEO qualification
  • Collaborating with Ningbo Port Suzuyo Logistics to provide highly competitive China-to-China international transport services
  • Rich experience in cross-border service by land transport to Indochina region such as Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam etc.
  • LTS introduction provides the same level of tracking and mutual information service with customers in Japan
[Warehouse department]

Expanding high-performance logistics bases that can provide not only storage, but also consistent logistics solutions for distribution processing and delivery

  • Owns 9 warehouses and more 80,000 square meters.
  • Constant temperature facilities (Laem Chabang & Banburi) and dangerous goods warehouses (Bampacon, Laem Chabang & Banburi) will be established.
    A wealth of experience in handling chemical and dangerous goods
  • Expand bonded DC service in Thailand and in the neighboring area utilizing Free Zone warehouse (Laem Chabang). Import / export service with non-resident stock, packing change with foreign cargo as it is, JIT delivery service, etc.
  • Obtained FDA Medical Device Storage License 2016 (Bannbury). In April 2017, we acquired ISO 13485. Future development of medical device distribution centering on the Bangkok urban area
  • Established a specialized team for complex import licensing systems. Provides one-stop service from license acquisition to transportation / storage / delivery in FDA (* 1), DIoW (* 2), etc.
  • Our WMS system「Cargo Master」 introduction same level of high-quality inventory and storage control as Japan and providing mutual information service with customers through SIIS

※ 1: Food, clothing, medical equipment, cosmetics
※ 2: chemical products, dangerous products

[Transportation department]
  • Started business in Thailand in 2008
  • Has a comprehensive truck transportation network throughout Thailand, and can cope with frozen and refrigerated delivery
  • Delivers to approximately 800 convenience stores using our dedicated refrigerated vehicles 365 days of the year.
  • GPS is installed on all company vehicles and the partner company vehicles and operates using a centralized control system
  • Strength for heavy items such as aluminum coils


Suzuyo (Thailand) Ltd. Yangon Branch.


Establishment: Registered in May 2012
Purpose of establishment: Logistics support for Japanese-affiliated companies, Survey of logistics market

  • Opened as representative office of “Suzuyo (Thailand) Ltd.” in 2012
  • Working mainly on import agency, import customs clearance, transportation of equipment and materials for Japanese-affiliated companies


Dragon Logistics Co., Ltd.


Location: Hanoi (Head office), Hai Phong, Hung Yen, Kailan, Bac Nin, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Sung Tan, Fumy
Founded: October 1996
Japanese Representatives: 9
Local employees: Approximately 780

  • Experience and know-how cultivated in Vietnam for over 20 years
  • High work quality by own operation, and hardware
  • A wide range of work experience provided to over 400 business partners
  • Ongoing safety management, work quality
[Customs department]
  • Since our establishment in 1996, we have been supporting customers focusing on customs clearance services
  • High know-how and human resources nurtured by customs service to about 400 business partners
  • Customs clearance services by our own staff (customs department: 180 people out of all our 780 employees )
  • About 6,000 customs clearance services a month
[Domestic transport service]
  • High quality of service with owe trucks and drivers
  • Stable arrangement capability (144 trailer heads, 235 trucks, 330 container chassis) with abundant vehicle numbers including our own company and partner companies
  • All our vehicles are equipped with GPS
[Warehouse work service]
  • High-quality service quality managed by own
  • We own 30,000 square meters of space and 47,000 square meters of partner company space
  • The common WMS 「cargo master」is deployed
  • We also have bonded space
[Machinery and equipment transportation, installation service]
  • Safe and high service quality by specialized units (northern)
  • Optimal transportation proposal by integrated transportation management
  • Providing smooth import customs procedures


Suzuyo Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.


Established: May 2017
Base: in Penang
Number of Japanese Representatives : 1
Local number of employees: 2

  • We work with our partner companies, including UPS, to provide import / export / warehousing / delivery services that meet the needs of shippers.


Suzuyo Singapore Pte, Ltd.


Established: November 1993

  • Cooperate with UPS to coordinate all logistics
  • Handling of about 100 cases per month of trilateral logistics
  • LTS also supports transportation between three countries


PT.Suzuyo Indonesia


Established: September 1, 2011 (Representative Office: 2003-)
Location: Jakarta
Number of Japanese employees: 4 and number of local employees: 36

  • Quick and accurate import and export operations by staff with abundant work experience and expertise
  • A unique equipment transportation service that collectively manages the supply chain from dismantling at the point of origin to import / export customs clearance and landing site restoration.
  • A warehouse business that can handle detailed sorting, export packing, and buyer’s consolidation in addition to storage
  • Centralized management of distribution and commercial flow by an import agent through a group trading company


Suzuyo Whitelands Logistics, Inc.


Established: June 2015

  • In 1995, Open the Manila Representative Office
  • April 2017, The first Japanese company to start low temperature transportation
  • Providing temperature controlled transport services to a wide range of customers, from primary industry to retail


Suzuyo India Private Limited


Established: February 2017
Number of employees: 4

  • There is a warehouse base in the north for the storage and delivery of imported goods
  • Import / Export agency business correspondence by UPS
  • Supports domestic north-south transportation, equipment transportation