East Asia

This page introduces overseas development in East Asia.


Suzuyo (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

Location: Guangzhou (head office), Shanghai branch, Wuhan branch
Established: February 2007
  • Comprehensive logistics operations throughout all of China
  • Warehouse operations (inventory management, inspection, delivery service, response to Kanban etc.)
  • On-site work
  • Machinery and equipment transportation, importation work in the factory

Ningbo Port Suzuyo Logistics Co., Ltd

Established: March 2003
Land: approx. 96,000m² (Kauraura Depot, Formerly suzuryu Depot)
Warehouse: Warehouse 8,640m² (inside high-floor 1,540m²),platform, dock leveler equipment,
Otherwise : ISO9001 acquisition, 24-hour transfer
  • Arrangement of marine and train composite transportation
  • Container round trip transportation from port to inland depot
  • Shipping company container storage
  • Shipping service (Ningbo~Tianjin, Guangzhou, etc.)

Shanghai Bain Ling Hui International Trade Co., Ltd.

  • Group company, Suzuyo Trading Co., Ltd.’s Chinese corporation, Bai Ling Hui purchases products from vendors in China (sales in China)