This page introduces overseas development in America.


Suzuyo America, Inc.


Location: Atlanta (Headquarters), Chicago, Columbus
Established: February 1990

  • Partner with UPS, the world’s largest logistics company, to leverage UPS`s network and resources.
  • Providing high quality warehouse service similar to Japan, focusing on automotive parts
  • Consolidated transportation service between America and Mexico reduces transportation lead time and provides stability.


Suzuyo Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V.


Location: Headquarters (established in March 2012)
Celaya Branch (established in November 2013)

  • Trade results with many auto parts manufacturers
  • Expand the business by utilizing the services of our UPS partnership
  • Equipment transportation: Have a track record of transporting large facilities of many Japanese companies
  • Transportation between America and Mexico: Maintain service menus such as trailers, mixed loading, railways, and provide services tailored to customer needs
  • Warehouse: A warehouse is located near an automobile factory, and providing added value as VMI / gate storehouse


Suzuyo Gerenciamento Logistico Brasil Ltda.


Established: September 1998


We offer the following services to help make your SCS more advanced.

  • International transportation service (sea and air) in partnership with UPS
  • Domestic transportation service in partnership with local contractors (land)
  • Import / export customs service based on local regulations and customs circumstances
  • Proposal for optimal logistics and integrated transportation based on 20 years of experience and know-how