DC(Distribution Center)・Warehouse

Expanding high-performance logistics services for a wide range of products

Detailed service with your own centralized management system

The distribution center supports not only storage and delivery but also various distribution processing such as export packing, labeling and assortment work. We cope with all kinds of products from many different kinds of auto parts to food and medical devices that require strict hygiene management and accurate lot management, as well as realizing a high level of both work and management quality.

In addition to continuous improvement, we also provide human resources development through systematic training, regular audits and guidance by specialized organizations, and provide safe, accurate, efficient, high-value added logistics services.

Supporting such advanced logistics management is Suzuyo’s unique system “Cargomaster” that centrally manages from arrival to delivery. The status of products distributed to multiple sites can be accurately managed, and the information can be confirmed in real time to customers via the Internet.

Logistics and Fulfillment Service

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