Domestic containers for dangerous goods, Aftermarket Reverse Logistics

Respond to customer requests flexibly by utilizing private container yard

Suzuyo Ichihara Intermodal Terminal (SIIT)

Suzuyo’s domestic container transportation service for dangerous goods and reverse cargo (industrial waste and recycled resources), which is developed based on SIIT, serves issues relating to CO2 reduction, traffic congestion avoidance and driver shortage problems in the metropolitan area. It contributes to finding solutions of for your various concerns.SIIT is a container yard located in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture, capable of storing containers for hazardous materials and industrial waste as well as recycled resources. The site has a private berth, and by using container barges and coastal vessels, it serves as a relay base that connects various areas in Japan and abroad with the Keiyo and Kanto areas.

Suzuyo’s solution

Storage of dangerous goods is possible

In SIIT, holding an outdoor reservoir for dangerous goods (ISO tank container) will serve as a base for domestic transport of chemicals around the Keiyo Complex.
■ Handable dangerous goods
Fire Service Class 4 : Corresponds to the 1st petroleum, alcohol, 2 to 4 petroleum, animal and vegetable oils.
Other dangerous goods: “temporary placement within 24 hours” correspondence.

Temporary storage of industrial waste containers is possible

Containers have the advantage of being able to be temporarily stored without the need for transshipment / storage approval. As a private container yard, SIIT flexibly responds to the needs for a wide range of customers.
<Relevant Venous Goods>
  • Industrial waste : Cinder, sludge, dust, glass scrap, concrete scrap and ceramic scrap, debris
  • Pollutants and contaminated soil
  • Recycled resources: waste paper, waste plastic, scrap metal, fuel chips, etc..