Suzuyo’s Strengths

We will continue to make use of our strengths in the field, solutions and network.

Guided by the will of “TOMOIKI”, which is the management philosophy, Suzuyo has been self-reforming for over 200 years since its inception, aiming to be an entity that is always needed by society and customers. The history has brought us three strengths: Our field of strength, making solutions, and our network. Suzuyo has a variety of services that make use of this strength, and is challenging in every area that extends from logistics.

Our field of strength

Suzuyo has our field of strength that can be improved on a daily basis in safety, quality and productivity, which has been cultivated in a wide range of industry logistics sites. It is the source of service and the most important point of contact with customers. We will exert our strengths in the field and always provide top-class logistics services to our customers while responding to the changing times.

Making solutions

To promote supply chain management (SCM) to increase sales and improve management efficiency by implementing a consistent strategy from procurement of raw materials and parts to production and sales, and reducing waste in distribution channels. With logistics professionals and advanced logistics systems, Suzuyo can propose solutions that solve customer problems in all areas.

All over Japan & World wide network

SUZUYO has partnered with UPS, one of the world’s leading logistics integrators. By linking more than 120 countries and regions in the world, we are demonstrating new development capabilities. At the same time, we will respond closely to all overseas transportation, focusing on the staff at Suzuyo’s local subsidiaries and representative offices. We will meet a wide range of needs of customers expanding globally.