3PL service

Promote customer supply chain management, such as streamlining of logistics and reduction of logistics costs

What is 3PL (Third Party Logistics)

3PL (3rd Party Logistics) is a logistics company different from the existing ‘shippers’ logistics companies, and through the provision of a logistics consulting function and a logistics information system, streamlines logistical processes.
Our goal is to entrust logistics operations collectively with the common goal of shipper’s supply chain management, allowing cost reductions.

Suzuyo’s solution

Logistics improvement proposal

The characteristic of Suzuyo’s logistics consulting is a logistics improvement proposal that makes use of “field power” and “development power”. Not only does the proposal solve the customer’s logistics issues, but also all logistical processes can be visualized, and all proposals and improvements can be dealt with for current emerging logistics issues. We will improve our customers’ logistics by “field power” flexibly responding to various irregularities that occur in the field and concentrate on “development power” that can design and develop systems that meet customer needs.

Development and provision of the distribution system

Suzuyo’s inventory management system (Cargo Master) makes it possible to optimize and visualize inventory. Optional services such as Web ordering system function are also available.
In addition, in the case of special products and management methods, it is possible to design and develop your own system.

Outsourcing of logistics is possible in various industries.

Suzuyo’s 3PL service can provide services in various industries. We will build custom-made logistics and contribute to the improvement of customers’ corporate competitiveness.